VAT Registrations & Returns

New VAT Registrations and VAT Returns

We will assess the legal status of your company to ensure that you are VAT Registered if you are required to be so. If you are already registered for VAT, and you are concerned about your VAT returns being submitted correctly or being submitted on time, we will simply step in and prepare your VAT returns for you as they are required.

You will know well in advance how much you need to pay and, where VAT refunds are due to you, we will ensure that you recover that which is legally due to you, when it is legally due to you.

SARS’ VAT requirements can be a minefield for the inexperienced, and there is no greater pothole for businesses in the tax road than the VAT Act.

We have assisted across various scopes of business to ensure that all VAT affairs are efficiently handled and that compliance is achieved.

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