If you have been tossing and turning at night, concerned about the status of your tax affairs, and you are looking for certainty and peace of mind, let us help you.

If you require an auditor that will attend to the annual audit of your company's financial statements, and fidelity and integrity is your number one priority, we can certainly help you.

If you feel overwhelmed by the statutory, legal and administrative requirements for SME's, and you need a helping hand, we are here to navigate through the red tape of compliance with you.

Or perhaps you are managing the financial affairs in your care with efficiency but you contemplate that there might be a more sophisticated and tax efficient way to structure your business interests?

Welcome to the website of Tredoux and Associates.

Irrespective of your needs, at Tredoux and Associates we can help. Over the past fifteen years we have made it our prerogative to serve our clients with value added services. It is our mission to create measurable financial and personal wealth for our clients through the application of our knowledge, our experience and the core value of our business - integrity.

Our team at Tredoux is headed by Mr Nardus Tredoux, a qualified CA (SA) who has extensive knowledge in and understanding of taxation, tax structuring, financial reporting and auditing as well as vast knowledge and know-how of the risks and opportunities that SME's are faced with.

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